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Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds was a blast to play through. The game’s design, story, and soundtrack are top notch and its “camping in space” theme never fails to make me smile.


zoxide is a fantastic cross platform tool for more easily navigating from the command line. It feels magical to type just the beginning of a folder name rather than the entire path to that folder. I alias it as cd so I don’t have to fight my muscle memory if I’m working on a machine or server where it isn’t installed.

The Ocean Cleanup

The work The Ocean Cleanup is doing is an amazing example of how an impossibly large task can be achieved one step at a time. I love how they’re simultaneously addressing the problem (the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) and the sources of the problem with projects like their river interceptors.

Light Phone

I’ve used a Light Phone 2 since 2019 and have really enjoyed it. Five years later and the team is still pushing out new software updates and doing it without charging any sort of subscription fee or advertising revenue. That’s great customer service.

Off The Main Thread

I always enjoyed HTTP 203 and was bummed when the show stopped publishing new episodes. Imagine my delight this month when I discovered Jake and Surma had started up a new podcast. The first several episodes have been great and I’m looking forward to more.

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