Right to Repair legislation is being considered in a number of US states right now including my home state of Washington. The following is adapted from an email sent to my state representatives in support of Right to Repair. You can learn more about Right to Repair and find out if your state has a similar bill by visiting repair.org/stand-up.

I’m one of your constituents and I’m writing to ask you to support Right to Repair in Washington HB 1212. Many manufacturers have taken steps to make their products less and less repairable in recent years which is frustrating for a few reasons.

  1. As a consumer, the cost to replace the item or have it fixed by the manufacturer is usually higher than that of a repair that can be done by myself or an independent repair shop.
  2. As someone who cares about sustainability, trashing the old item and replacing it creates more waste and consumes more energy than repairing it.
  3. Repairing things can be a great educational opportunity for people to better understand how things work, and we’re increasingly being deprived of those opportunities.

Please support Right to Repair during this legislative session.